Jaxi Rothman, LCSW - child, adolescent and family psychotherapist


concerned about your child?

In each of the following scenarios, talking to a therapist and having the child or teen assessed is not only helpful for that child but comforting and encouraging for the parent.

When parents worry. “What should I do?”

There are times when parents and caregivers feel that their young child or adolescent is having a difficult time; perhaps in school, in peer relationships or in communicating with family members. A parent may worry that his/her child is depressed, anxious, scared or angry.

When life changes course. “How do I handle this?”

A family may experience a significant life change or event; such as a separation or divorce, the addition of a new sibling, a death in the family, or an illness that seems to be causing the child great distress.

Is my child ok? “What is normal?”

Often parents wonder if their child is “okay.” Parents of very young children may be concerned about sleeping issues, toilet training, and eating. Parents of elementary aged children may worry about learning issues, peer relations, fears, and confidence. Parents of teenagers may worry about depression, new relationships, drug use, and eating disorders.

My child has changed. “How can I connect with this new person?”

It is not uncommon for parents to notice either a gradual or sudden change in their child's behavior. These changes can be confusing and mysterious. Parents may wonder what precipitated the change.


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